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98% of our customers are satisfied with their Homeway home!

"I love my home. The staff at Homeway was always courteous and helpful. Its great quality and efficient. I enjoyed being able to visit it at its various stages. The turnaround time was fantastic. Thanks everyone."

"I have worked in commercial construction for 35 years. So I have some knowledge about building techniques. I thought Rick Killday was very knowledgeable and helpful in making our decisions. James Knapp was very knowledgeable and a joy to work with. Any problems I saw he would address and made sure it was corrected immediately. He was on top of the whole project."

"Tim Gardner was the best, always taking time explaining any questions, helpful in all ways. All the crews were courteous and pleasant, excellent workers. Rick Killday was so helpful and gave me all the time I needed to make decisions. I still can’t believe how fast my home was finished, unbelievable."

"Dave & I found this experience to be easy and fun. They were all great guys and provided endless hours of entertainment for our whole neighborhood."

"From the beginning working with Zach and Tim, to the house being set and finished, it was a smooth and effortless process! The staff and crews were excellent…"

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