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98% of our customers are satisfied with their Homeway home!

"We LOVE our Homeway home. The salesman that we worked with, Mr. Reynolds, who is retired now I believe, was so kind and wonderful to work with. We have many compliments on our home and how it looks."

"I am thoroughly pleased with my overall experience with Homeway Homes. After making the decision to build, I extensively reviewed all of my options and after consulting with Homeway and touring their factory, I decided to use their services. I was assigned to Tim, my project manager and our ideas were a perfect match in creating my custom built home. Tim worked very closely with me and he was very effective with problem solving and dealing with minor issues. I can't say enough about Homeway's professionalism and excellent customer service. I have been in my home fore 3 1/2 years and I still love it and continue to receive compliments on the quality of the house. I have two brothers who are superintendents in the construction business who are very impressed with the quality. I want to thank everyone at Homeway for making "my new life path" a great success."

"I would refer people to Homeway as the process was smooth and very convenient. The project manager was great to work with and answered all my questions and made the process seamless. Everyone was very accommodating in helping me see the the progress while it was in the factory and taking the time to give tours to friends and family after hours. I was given ample time to pick out what I wanted, options were explained and I was surprised and pleased after finding out the house layout/plan was totally customizable and did not need to be a cookie cutter of a plan.."

"From the beginning starting with Bruce Leman in choosing our home, to Greg Post as Project Manager, to subcontractors and July Rodriguez as warranty followup, we had an exellent experience. We would recommend Homeway Homes to everyone."

"I have enjoyed my experiance with Homeway. From start to finish there was much less stress. My boss is building a custom home. He started Oct 2010 and is not done. I started Feb, 2011 and moved in Sept 2011. Thanks Homeway Homes."

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