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98% of our customers are satisfied with their Homeway home!

"I have been in my home for 5 years. It’s really energy efficient and all that I had hoped for."

"We love our new Homeway Home! We were able to build the home of our dreams, and Homeway worked with us throughout the entire process."

"We have been in our Homeway Home for 7 years, and not a day goes by that I don't make a comment on how much I love my house."

"I lost everything in the Dec 1, 2018 tornado that hit Taylorville house my barn, garage, and car. I was seriously injured with 12 broken bones and a Traumatic Brain Injury.
Not having a home anymore greatly added to the devastating losses I had to face.
This takes me to Homeway Homes. After driving to their Model Home Center and talking with Tom, I knew I wanted to place my trust in them.
They did not disappoint me. They were professional, accommodating, and patient with my impatience.
I now have a beautiful, very well made home. I will always be grateful to Homeway Homes for all they did for me.
I highly recommend them!"

"My home building project went from my iPad to the designer at Homeway. I lived in the home on my iPad for several months so I was able to tweak it along with the Homeway staff. All the people there were very helpful and easy to work with. It’s great to be able to design your own home and then have a place to get it built out of the weather. I saw my home in the building process when I visited on a Saturday afternoon. It’s thrilling to see your name written on the side of the building. It kind of hits you that it is becoming a reality. I won’t be building again as I’m 76 years old but I would highly recommend the staff at Homeway to build your home. If your reading this, you are probably considering a new home, I wish you the best as you travel through this challenging and wonderful experience."

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