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98% of our customers are satisfied with their Homeway home!

"My home building project went from my iPad to the designer at Homeway. I lived in the home on my iPad for several months so I was able to tweak it along with the Homeway staff. All the people there were very helpful and easy to work with. It’s great to be able to design your own home and then have a place to get it built out of the weather. I saw my home in the building process when I visited on a Saturday afternoon. It’s thrilling to see your name written on the side of the building. It kind of hits you that it is becoming a reality. I won’t be building again as I’m 76 years old but I would highly recommend the staff at Homeway to build your home. If your reading this, you are probably considering a new home, I wish you the best as you travel through this challenging and wonderful experience."

"We built our Homeway Home earlier this year and we couldn't be happier! The entire process was an excellent experience. We were able to quickly make changes to the floor plans so that we were able to get exactly what we wanted. The factory started building the house within 3 weeks of our deposit and we enjoyed visiting the factory the 3 weeks it was being built. They set the house on the foundation a few weeks later and someone was working on the house nearly every day for the next few weeks. Kris, the project manager, was constantly in touch with us and followed through on all the details. We highly recommend Homeway Homes to any future customers."

"Homeway Homes is so great to work with from start to finish. We loved the whole process, from designing the home, to picking out all the fixtures, to visiting the factory multiple times in order to watch our home being constructed, to having our friends, family and neighbors come and watch it being delivered to our site, to moving in. We have a 7 bedroom, 4.5 bath home with a walk-out basement that from start to move-in took 7 months. It would have been even faster if if it hadn't been for the freezing and thawing of our little one lane road in the early spring that delayed things a bit. We had friends that were building a home with a traditional stick builder during the same time period and they were constantly frustrated with the errors, miscommunications, delays, and surprises. Their home was 1/4 of the size and took longer to complete. There is none of that with Homeway! Every single employee we worked with was fantastic and I just can't recommend Homeway Homes enough! So thankful for my Homeway Home!"

"We visited their office and talked with the salesman Bruce. We had our own design which their developer took and used to build our new home. Crews were very professional and took pride in their work. We never heard a bad word from anyone and we were always treated with respect."

"When we decided to build a house my husband suggested a Homeway Home and I said no because I thought Homeway Homes were prefabricated houses, more like a double wide trailer. Then we went to the Home Show in Peoria and Homeway had built a 2-story house inside the Civic Center which was pretty impressive. We took a tour of the house and quickly realized it was a quality built home, nothing prefab about it. We then decided to take a tour of Homeways manufacturing facility in Deer Creek. We were so impressed with their building process that we decided to go with Homeway to build our new home."

"We selected one of the Homeway floor plans but was able to customize the plan including totally redesigning the exterior look. Homeway builders even finished our basement."

"The process of picking out the faucets, lighting, flooring, brick, etc. was made so much simpler because Homeway has all of the selections in their showroom in Goodfield. No going from store to store to pick out these items."

"The process of building a house was much less stressful going with Homeway Homes and we love the end product."

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