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98% of our customers are satisfied with their Homeway home!

"We have been in our Homeway Home for about 4 months now and LOVE IT!! The entire process was amazing. Homeway takes care of everything from start to finish. They helped us design the perfect house for our family. We were so blessed to have James as our project manager. He made everything run so smoothly. We did not have to worry about anything during the building process. If we had the process to do over, we would not change a thing. We highly recommend Homeway Homes for anyone looking to build a home. Thank You Homeway for everything!!"
"I would recommend Homeway Homes to anyone thinking of building their dream home. My parents home burnt down in April. We decided to check Homeway homes out and very grateful that we did. They were wonderful with getting us everything we wanted for a very good price. We gave the our budget and we got what we wanted. We were welcomed with open arms. A very big thank you to our team. They worked with us dealing with insurance and not one time gassed us about payments. I would recommend Homeway Homes over all others.
"We lost our home in a fire on January 31, 2018. By Father’s Day we were in the house. Very good to work with."
"I recommend Homeway Homes; Bruce and James went above and beyond to make our experience great."
"We had a total loss house fire two years ago. We chose to rebuild our home and chose Homeway Homes to do the job. We took advantage of their life recovery program where you receive a discount if you are rebuilding after a disaster such as a fire or tornado. I cannot recommend them enough to anyone trying to recover from such a disaster. I have never built a home prior to this, but have always heard how stressful it can be. When trying to recover from a disaster you have enough stress to deal with. So I was pleasantly surprised that building with Homeway was absolutely stress free!!! Not only that, but we got a discount to boot! I love that we never had to worry about going over budget. We picked everything out and knew what our costs would be when we signed the contract. They would not change unless we changed our mind. It certainly put our minds at ease to know we wouldn't be going over budget. Also, they promised us a time frame that our home would be completed. They absolutely made good on their promises which was very important to our family. All of this would be nothing if we were not thrilled with the end result. I can honestly say that I love my home. It is beautiful and energy efficient. We have been in our home for a year and a half and have had no problems. The workmanship is top notch. We were pleased every step of the way with Homeway and with every employee we dealt with during the process. I cannot recommend them enough to anyone disaster or not. However, if you have a disaster and need to rebuild your home, you would be foolish to not look into having Homeway Homes be your builders!!"

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