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98% of our customers are satisfied with their Homeway home!

"Having heard horror stories about building a home I was a little hesitant when my wife suggested we build one. But the Homeway experience couldn't have been easier. From Bruce in the Home Center, to our project manager Jason and since we were guided through the process with skill and the few concerns we had were address quickly and professionally. There was another house being build down the street, which started 4 weeks before we signed a contract with Homeway. Our house was done and we were moved in 3 weeks before they moved in. I noticed that at our house there would be 2 or 3 different things being done at the same time, while at the other house the plumber was there one day, the HVAC guys another. The Homeway process is much more efficient, and the set crew was the best group of guys I've ever dealt with. I wouldn't build a house any other way."
"Homeway built us the house we wanted at a price we could afford. The original plan was to purchase land and build a house years later after talking to contractors. However, after talking to Homeway we found that we could begin building much sooner AND get a higher quality house. Many aspects considered standard at Homeway are pricey options and add-ons to other builders. People warned us on the stresses of building a new home but we didn't have to go through those headaches working with Homeway. The design process was laid back, not pushy, and focused on our needs/wants at the center - thanks Bruce! We love getting compliments not just on our house's custom style but build quality too. We encourage anyone considering building to take a look at Homeway."
"In 2011 I did my research and decided to choose Homeway Homes to build my house. That was a decision I will never regret. I was under pressure from a divorce and long hours at work. With the assistance of the Homeway "family", I designed my custom home. I was living in my beautiful new super energy efficient home in just four months. The Homeway family made my home building process extremely easy and I am forever greatful. Thank you Homeway Homes!"
"Homeway homes did a terrific job on our home. The project manager kept us informed on everything that was going on so there were no surprises and they handled change orders (and there were several) very calmly and professionally. And they finished pretty much when they said they would when the contract was signed. I don’t think you could get a “Stick built” built any better. Excellent quality. I would definitely recommend them."
"In 2015 we moved into our Homeway Home. We had our own design in mind and they worked with us to modify our design to fit their specifications. Everyone was very professional and accommodating. We love our Homeway Home!!"
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