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98% of our customers are satisfied with their Homeway home!

"They built my home in April of 2014 and I just love it. Thank you very much!"
"Overall it was a good experience. Bruce did a great job answering all of our questions and helping with design. Very impressed with the factory and the walk-throughs. A big deciding factor going with HH was having to deal with one company that does it all. No dealings with subs, no going “here” to pick out cabinets or going “there” for carpets. I like the fact that somebody always answered the phone and I wasn’t having to chase anybody down. If I had to do it again, I would go with HH without a doubt. I do know several locals who watched the on site construction were impressed."
"Homeway is the way to go. They make the process smooth, quick and easy. If you are going to build, I recommend them."
"I have lived in my home way home for 10 years. If I were to build another new home it would be a home way home. This is my third new home, the first constructed by Homeway Homes, and I would have my next one built just like this one was built. I could not say enough wonderful things about the individuals that assisted me through the total process of having my home laid out the way I wanted it and then the actual construction. I would be happy to show anyone my home so one could actually see the even after 10 years it still looks brand new.
"My wife and I wanted to build a house, we had the property so we started talking to contractors, the bids we got were just not doable but then we talked to Homeway. From the moment we walked into the model center until our project was complete we felt like a family. We were excited to go to the factory and see our house built in stages. Everything they said they would do they did and now that our home is built we are totally loving our home."

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