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98% of our customers are satisfied with their Homeway home!

"From start to finish, we were pleased with the quality and care given to making a Homeway Home. The tour of the Construction Facility sealed the deal!"

"We had a good experience from start to finish with the Homeway Homes staff. Good team of people that did what they said they would do. This attitude was consistent from the sales team to the warranty team. Homeway Homes were able to take our custom plans and make it work with their construction techniques. The home is built well and we are proud to show it to visitors."

"Homeway Homes would be at the top of my list for anybody looking to build a home. Great service, great home, and great builders!"
"We built our Homeway home almost 2 years ago and I absolutely love it. I waited to do this just to make sure nothing went wrong, nothing did. This house is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Everyone that sees it is in wow! There is nothing cheap looking or used when building it, truly top notch. The boys/men that built it, set it and finished it are they greatest bunch of guys you could ever work with. Unlike the stick built homes in our area, ours was done in months, theirs are still not done after almost 2 years. I recommend to anyone building a house to go with Homeway, you will NOT be sorry. I've shown the house to those having theirs stick built and they are blown away with the quality,size and beauty. They deeply regret not going with Homeway. Most had never heard of them. I make sure everyone knows who built our house and sing my praises. I would never go with anyone else. I looked at other modular builders and found their models cheaply made. There was no sloppy work done anywhere on this house. Take the tour, watch the testimonials, tour the model homes, talk with the representative. They can build you anything your heart desires and you will love it!"
"We are overall very pleased and would recommend Homeway Homes. We are so happy with your quality and timely-ness when you built! From beginning to end, it was a good experience. The tours were so impressive. All builders, electricians, and plumbers were good. Many guests have been impressed! Only way to go!"

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