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Everytime we build a house it is energy efficient. What that means for you is significant savings on utility costs as well as comfort. It also means you are contributing to the reduction in greenhouse gases.

How do we do that? We start with our own Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation that keeps the outside elements outside and secures your new home with clean air and added structural strength. We also use top-brand and energy-efficient windows, water conservation faucets, toilets and water heaters, heating and air conditioning equipment and building with tight construction and ducts. All that saves an average of 30 percent in energy costs, with two times the insulation and 2 times the strength compared to a standard built home.  

Our methods have brought special recognition by Ameren Illinois Utility Co., but we do what we do for you. We build each of our homes to energy efficient specifications and we will meet or exceed the requirements on building codes related to energy. All that means you can be sure your custom home was built with methods and products that promote energy efficiency.

What is an ERV and why do we install them in every home?

We have a saying at Homeway – “Insulate tight. Ventilate right.” And that’s where ERVs come in. ERVs are Energy Recovery Ventilators, and they basically help your home – and your family – “breathe properly.”

When we build a home, we use a closed-cell spray foam and very tight insulation to maximize energy efficiency. Because of this high level of construction, maximum ventilation is required to prevent condensation and bad air quality.

ERVs solve this potential problem by recycling your home’s exhaust air to pretreat outside or ventilated air. The result is better air quality, and reduced energy consumption. And that’s why we install them in every home we build, no matter how big or how small.


energy strength spray-foam Insulation

New construction with Energy StrengthOur insulation is so strong- you could stand on the ceiling without falling through!

energy strength insulation wall

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