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Summer GetawayThe warmer temperatures bring a great chance for extreme weather conditions like tornadoes, violent storms and flooding. But there are a few things you can do to make sure your home withstands the toughest conditions and keeps your family safe.

Summer GetawayIf you want a great summer getaway but don’t want to spend a lot of time (or money) traveling, there are lots of options right here in the Heartland.

That was what the Wiechmann’s wanted for their dream home, and at Homeway Homes we delivered. Based off the Camden floorplan, not only did they want a custom exterior, but they also wanted a home that was handicapped accessible, including wider doors and an elevator to the basement.

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Check out the Camden floorplan.

Pet Safe HomeAre you living with a dog on a high-traffic street? Do you have a puppy that gets into everything? Do you have an older animal that won’t climb the stairs? When you’re planning on a new home it’s important to consider the needs of your four-legged family members as well as the two-legged ones.

Lawn & Garden MonthGardening has a long list of benefits – from healthier eating and nutrition to making the world around us a more livable place. To highlight those benefits the National Garden Association has compiled a list of gardening activities to do each day throughout the month.

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