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Homeway Homes Halloween TS 497030558

Whether you go for simple or supreme, decorating your home for Halloween can be loads of fun. And the possibilities are endless.

Making jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins has been a favorite forever and the more elaborate the cutout, the scarier. Or funnier, whichever you or your kids go for.

More and more each year decorating for Halloween grows, in the number of ideas, the grandeur of the decoration and, of course, the cost. But there is nothing that says you must spend a lot of money decorating for Halloween.

Take a trip on Google and see what we mean. You can find ready-made decorations or there are tips on how to make your own. How scary a decoration is depends on your own imagination. Just remember to keep it safe and fun.

Homeway Homes New Home Consultants IMG 5194

At Homeway Homes we want to make sure the home building experience is as comfortable as possible for our customers. After all, it is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life; it is our job to reduce stress where we can.

When you meet with one of our New Home Consultants at one of our Model Home Centers, he will spend as much time with you as you want, from start to finish, to help you feel secure in the process.

Homeway Homes Decorating Mistakes TS 498995117

There is something about fall that makes some people get the decorating bug. Have you noticed that? And we think it’s great. It keeps everything fresh, it keeps people busy and it can be a lot of fun.

But you have to be careful to avoid decorating mistakes. And there are pretty common ones. For example:
     • Don’t clutter the space. Using too many pieces of furniture or knick-knacks leads to that cluttered feeling. The same is true for magazines and other reading material, especially if it is obviously there for show.

Custom Home Builder Homeway Homes Peoria Modular Building

Modular building is, in a nutshell, just what the name implies. At Homeway Homes we build homes and buildings one module at a time in a process that strengthens and adds quality to the entire structure. Each module is built to fit together as perfectly as possible.

We are happy to show off our process to anybody, especially to potential customers. Visit one of our model home centers to learn more about the modular building process and later, tour our construction facility in Deer Creek to watch it all happen.

Custom Home Builder Homeway Homes Peoria Matte Paint Trends TS 468842398

One of the hottest trends in interior paint these days is the matte finish. And why not? It is perhaps the most luxurious finish there is.

It can also be the scariest, especially in high traffic and high humidity areas of the home. And who hasn’t had nightmares of little crayon-wielding children heading toward a wall with a matte finish?

But that is changing, experts say.

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