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August holidaysSure, it may seem like there aren’t many major holidays in August, but that doesn’t mean the month is holiday free. Check out all the fun holidays happening during the month of August and maybe plan your own “National Tell A Joke Day” party.

Family vacationSummer time means vacation time. And if you have a family that create some challenges. How can you ensure everyone has a fun time especially if you’re on a budget? Where are the best places to take a family in the Midwest? Check out this list of 30 family-friendly destinations.

Summer projectsSure, July can be a busy time with the holiday and summer vacations. But it’s also the perfect time to tackle some of those important maintenance projects in and around the house. With longer daylight hours, there’s a lot you can get done – especially when you get the family to help.

Save energyJust because the temperature is rising doesn’t mean your power bill has to rise as well. There are lots of simple and inexpensive ways to save energy without sacrificing comfort. Here are some steps you can take.

Cool roof

Did you know that during the hot summer months the temperature on a traditional black roof can be as much as 50 degrees hotter than the surrounding air? How hot your roof is directly affects the temperature inside your home – and how much work your air conditioner has to do to keep it cool. But there are simple, inexpensive things you can do to turn your traditional roof into a “cool roof.”

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