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Top 5 June Home Projects‍Summer is officially here in June! With more consistently sunny and warm days ahead, it’s no surprise that people are taking stock of their outdoor space and looking for projects that will set them up for a summer of backyard fun.

What to cook in June: a look at produce that’s in season‍June is a great time for produce as a lot of Spring crops are ready for your kitchen table. Here is a look at some great produce that’s perfect this time of year – and what you can make with it.

The 10 Easy Steps to Home Ownership‍We understand that building a home is stressful (and hopefully exciting) for the home buyer. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure it’s less stressful by taking the process step by step. Check out the 10 easy steps we’ve developed.

When the Spurgeons were looking to build a new home, they needed something that would accommodate their home business as vegetable farmers. So, we created a design that allowed employees to come in and out without tracking through the home. Find out how we did it!

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Celebrating Flag Day‍Did you know that Flag Day is also the birthday of the U.S. Army? On June 14, 1775, in the middle of the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress decided it was time to create a unified fighting force against the British. And the American Continental Army was founded.

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