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Homeway Homes April Showers TS485882864...bring May flowers!

But they can also wreak havoc on a traditional homebuilders timeline. Not so at Homeway Homes. Since we build inside our temperature and environmentally controlled Construction Facility, we are not hampered by weather delays, nor do our materials sit on the jobsite exposed to the harsh effects of Mother Nature causing warping and other costly damage.

At Homeway Homes, we say let it rain!

To learn more about our construction process, visit or take a free, guided tour of our Construction Facility held every Saturday at 1pm.

Homeway Homes Customizing Floorplans IMG 5156Even though we have more than 60 floorplans from which you can choose, we also have enough experience to know that there isn’t a floorplan around that fits every single need and every single family.

We even know there is a good chance that a customer wants us to build their home from a floorplan they found elsewhere.

That’s fine with us. Whether it’s one of our plans or your plan, we will customize it to fit the needs of you and your family. And we do it at no extra charge!

Just visit one of our Model Home Centers in Goodfield, Springfield or Galesburg and let our New Home Consultants sit with you and learn your wants and needs and we will develop a custom design that is right for you. That includes not only the floorplan, but all the amenities that will go into your home, from windows to cabinets to flooring and everything else.

To learn more about our process, click here.

Sales Manager Bob Schieler explains how every door they install on their custom homes is energy efficient.

Sales Manager Bob Schieler explains how every window they install on their custom homes is energy efficient.

Homeway Homes Building Inside Factory Winter IMG 8077Snow, schmo! It doesn’t bother us!

When it is cold and snowy out, there is only one place in central Illinois you will find any house building going on. That’s at our Construction Facility in Deer Creek.

While conventional builders sit idly by because of the winter weather, unable to break ground or to start putting your house up, our employees are hard at work in our climate-controlled Construction Facility building new houses that will then be put on site and finished to completion - even during the winter!

Why just plan and then wait? Visit us today, take a tour through our construction facility and see how we do it, then let us build your dream home now so we can have you ready to move in about the time other builders are just getting started.

To learn more about our process, click here.

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