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What’s your Lifestyle Living Philosophy?‍Every family – and every person – is unique in their own way. That’s the starting point for our Lifestyle Living Philosophy, which we use with every new home we design. It’s all about customizing the floorplan of your home to meet your unique needs. Find out more.

Lifestyle Living simply means planning your home around your lifestyle. If you have small children, we look at designing a home differently than we would for empty nesters. If you entertain a lot, we’ll find a home design that makes that a priority.

Each home plan places emphasis on storage, but we listen to you as to where you want that storage to be. We also recognize the need for de-stressing areas of the home as well as space you can be flexible with. Fitting your lifestyle, recognizing your needs and delivering on them is our priority.

The four Lifestyle Living categories are:


Areas shown in yellow on our floorplans encompass spaces for entertaining. They include formal rooms or informal living spaces, outdoor spaces, kitchens that encourage guests to hang out, media rooms and space for kids to play. It also can include finished basements.


Coming home from a long day at work can be better for everybody if there is space to de-stress. Shown in blue on our floorplans, de-stressing areas can be space for personal getaways anywhere in the house you want, including a private master suite, a walk-in shower or whirlpool bath, or just a porch or craft area. De-stressing also can mean things such as a special place for muddy shoes or pets, drop zones that keep things like keys and umbrellas convenient or even split vanities.


Is there ever enough storage in a home? Perhaps not, but we try to give you as much as we can, as shown in the areas shaded in orange. These areas can include the rear entryway from the garage to extra storage in the laundry room. It can include a walk-in pantry in the kitchen, oversized walk-in closets in the bedrooms and additional space in the basement.

Flexible Living

Shown in green on our floorplans, flexible living space means a room that can be adapted for almost any situation. For example, it can be a music room or a game room as part of your entertaining, a classroom for home schooled children or a den. These rooms then can become guest rooms or even an in-law quarters if the need arises. The possibilities are many.
Victoria floor plan

The Victoria

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