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Can I have a 3-car attached garage?‍Yes, you can. That’s just one of the questions that we answer on the Homeway Homes FAQ page. We have received hundreds of questions about the way we build over the years, so we decided to take them and provide answers for potential clients. Check out some of the best.

Q: How many homes have you built?

A: Our family has built over 1,300 custom modular homes.

Q: What’s the advantage of modular homes versus site-built homes?

A: Modular homes are built indoors so they are not exposed to the weather. They are built with superior quality because of better materials, jigs, and processes thus significantly reducing mistakes and errors. They are also built in half the time as on site-built homes so you can be in your home a lot sooner.

Q. What is included in your typical home?

A. Our homes include the foundation, basement, house, 2 car attached garage, furnace, air conditioner, water heater, driveway, sidewalk and much more.

Q. Are you a turnkey builder?

A. Yes. We offer a free service called Complete Project Management. This means we do everything from start to finish. We design the home, we build and manage the whole construction process in our Construction Facility and on-site, and we complete it to the point where we hand you the keys to your new home so you can move in.

Q. How big or small of a home can you build?

A. We can build a home about as small or big as you want it. Typically the smallest we go is 950 sqft but can build 3,000 sqft and up.

Q. Do you have a warranty with your homes?

A. Yes. We have a one-year warranty and a Customer Service Department to help you in time of need.

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