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Homeway Homes

Quality Built for Better Living

Homeway Homes - Modular building with a customizable touch‍There’s a misconception that modular homes have a cookie-cutter design. The truth is the modular approach to building actually makes it easier to customize any floorplan and turn it into the home of your dreams.

We recognize that not every person, family or lifestyle is the same. That’s why we use our Lifestyle Living Philosophy with every new home we design, from the original floorplan through the customizing of that floorplan.

Lifestyle Living simply means planning your home around your lifestyle. If you have small children, we look at designing a home differently than we would for empty nesters. If you entertain a lot, we’ll find a home design that makes that a priority. Each home plan places emphasis on storage, but we listen to you as to where you want that storage to be. We also recognize the need for de-stressing areas of the home as well as space you can be flexible with. Fitting your lifestyle, recognizing your needs and delivering on them is our priority.

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