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Homeway Homes Construction FacilityAfter quality and energy efficiency, speed is one of the biggest advantages to our way of building. And while it’s too cold for on-site building, we’re able to keep building in our factory all winter long. It means that when the weather is warm enough, we’ll be ready to install new homes when other builders are just laying the foundations.

Every Homeway Home starts its quality construction in the Floor Build Station by positioning the rim joists, floor joists and sheathing in a jig system that assures accuracy in its measurement, squareness, and final assembly. Our floor assemblers use screws and ring shank nails to build a super strong floor which eliminates floor squeaks.

We utilize jigs in our wall construction and each stud is inspected for straightness when installed. We also are able to apply drywall to the studs without using any screws or nails thus eliminating any unsightly nailpops in the future and creating a stronger wall.

The roof and ceiling are built as one component on a huge jig table. The computer designed roof/ceiling trusses are specifically built to our high standards and are positioned on top of the drywall where we use the same high strength adhesive as we use on the walls to “weld” the truss to the drywall.

After most of the drywall has been completed, we install the plumbing and electricity which is followed by a Quality Control inspection. Once the construction passes inspection, we spray our Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation. Energy Strength is a closed cell, high density foam insulation with an R7 per inch which seals around all gaps in the wall cavity that can let air infiltrate the home. It also has been laboratory tested to provide twice the racking strength as compared to a wall that is insulated with fiberglass insulation.

Then we finish the drywall and paint the entire interior of the home. After that is complete, we do the finishing work on the plumbing and electric and get the home ready for installation of siding and finishing touches on the inside, like cabinets, countertops, doors, and lighting.

After one final inspection each module of the home is wrapped and prepped for travel to the job site. Once delivered to the jobsite, the home is secured to the foundation, siding is completed, the roof pivots are raised and anchored, the roof venting is installed and sealed and minor interior finishing details are all that is left to turn this home into a completed Homeway Home.

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