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Homeway Homes New Home Consultant Tom Wiegand

With a long track record in sales and construction, Tom is proud to join Homeway Homes because of the home building experience it gives customers.

“I have known of Homeway Homes for a long time,” says Tom. “But what I didn’t know was the level of commitment to providing a building experience like no other. I was impressed on the first day I was introduced to the company.”

Tom added, “I’ve been in sales most of my entire career with extensive experience in construction and I love working with people to make their ideas and dreams come true. I’m truly impressed with the quality and value offered here at Homeway Homes and love showing customers what I mean.”

Give Tom a call or stop by the Goodfield-Peoria Model Home Center 
located 140 East Martin Drive, Goodfield, IL 
Goodfield Office: (309) 965-2312x1 
Cell/Text: (309) 241-0073 

Meet RoyceAt Homeway, we have an incredible team of talented and unique individuals who make sure that quality goes into every project. Now, we’re going to take some time to introduce you to them and get to know them better. Meet Royce!

Homeway Homes New Home Consultant Bruce Leman

A sales representative for Homeway Homes in its Goodfield Model Home Center since May 2004, Bruce says he has no regrets leaving the agriculture industry. “I’ve never looked back since I came here,” Bruce says.

He got plenty of sales experience with this family farm, selling livestock. “I’ve basically been in sales my whole life, which means I’ve worked with people my whole life. That’s the best part of being at Homeway Homes. It’s the people. It starts with the fantastic working relationship I have with my co-workers here. And the customers can vary from a life recovery situation to building a dream home; either way, it is helping somebody get what they want or need,” Bruce says.

He added he loves the occasional challenges, such as the time a person came in with an idea drawn on the back of an envelope. “We took that idea and turned it into their dream home.”

Give Bruce a call or visit him at the Goodfield Model Home Center so he can turn your ideas into your dream home.
Goodfield Office: (309) 965-2312
Cell/Text: (309) 369-9388

Homeway Homes Joel HammJoel Hamm enjoys a good challenge. So when the sales team at Homeway Homes presents him with a customer’s floorplan that is not of the normal Homeway variety, he likes getting the chance to make it work.

It’s his job as a draftsman at Homeway Homes, working in the company’s Goodfield Model Home Center.

“As a draftsman I am part of the project from the original concept all the way to the Construction Facility floor, making sure every piece that goes into a home is there and that it fits,” Joel said. “I oversee the design concept to make sure it fits into our system and if it doesn’t, it’s my job to do what is needed to make it work for our customer. So, there can be a design element to the job and that’s the kind of challenge I enjoy.”

Joel has been with Homeway Homes for going on 8 years, since graduating from Quincy Vatterott College. “I enjoy it here. We have good people and it is fun to work with them and with the customers, helping them find their next home.”

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