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It’s Here, Germ Season!With the cold and flu season upon us, it’s hard not to catch something at some point. To help minimize the spread of germs, use alcohol wipes on things like your steering wheel, door handles and knobs, light switches and faucet handles. Did you know, your cell phone might harbor more germs than a toilet seat? Zap those nasty germs by wiping your cell phone with an alcohol wipe as well and while you’re at it, give your purse, TV remote, and computer mouse the same treatment.

Rethink the Linen ClosetLike most of us the linen closet is overstuffed. Tackle this overflowing storage spot by purging unused linens and non-essential items. Add an over-the-door rack to hold extra towels. Incorporate shelf dividers to keep folded washcloths from toppling over and separate from your linens. Use baskets to corral surplus toilet paper and extra bathroom essentials like cotton balls, soap or toothbrushes.

Make Your Tub SparkleAfter a few years of daily use, the minerals in water—not to mention dirt and grime can make any tub look stained and dingy. Instead of reaching for some harsh chemicals, mix up equal amounts of baking soda and cream of tartar (found in your grocery's spice section) with lemon juice until it forms a paste. Apply to stains and rub in, then wait about an hour and rinse. For tougher stains, leave on for an hour and rinse well.

Fix Dents in WoodLiving around a bunch of wood furniture or in a house with a hardwood floor means that dents and deep marks will eventually happen. But there's a novel way to remove those dents without resorting to power tools: a household iron. Put a little water in the dent, then lay a moist towel over the it. Heat up your iron and then move it over the towel in circles, pressing down on it for a few minutes. The heat and water should rehydrate the wood, allowing it to puff back up.

How to Cover Up a Ceiling StainHide tough ceiling water stains with a spray-on product called Upshot by KILZ. It’s blended to match an aged ceiling and even has a vertical spray tip, which makes installation a breeze. Lay a drop cloth on the floor and tape plastic on the walls before you spray.

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