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One of the most intimidating things about building your own home is all the running around that most people do to find everything they want in the way of amenities. We’re talking flooring, windows, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, siding, roofing … pretty much everything.

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Winter is just as good of a time for entertaining as is summer, but there are some pretty big differences between your friends hanging out on the patio and mingling inside.

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Whether you are buying or selling a home, curb appeal is very important. The same is true when you want your home to be visually pleasing and welcoming to your guests, not to mention to yourself.

Homeway Homes Decorating Mistakes TS 498995117

There is something about fall that makes some people get the decorating bug. Have you noticed that? And we think it’s great. It keeps everything fresh, it keeps people busy and it can be a lot of fun.

But you have to be careful to avoid decorating mistakes. And there are pretty common ones. For example:
     • Don’t clutter the space. Using too many pieces of furniture or knick-knacks leads to that cluttered feeling. The same is true for magazines and other reading material, especially if it is obviously there for show.

Custom Home Builder Homeway Homes Peoria Matte Paint Trends TS 468842398

One of the hottest trends in interior paint these days is the matte finish. And why not? It is perhaps the most luxurious finish there is.

It can also be the scariest, especially in high traffic and high humidity areas of the home. And who hasn’t had nightmares of little crayon-wielding children heading toward a wall with a matte finish?

But that is changing, experts say.

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