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Cool roof

Did you know that during the hot summer months the temperature on a traditional black roof can be as much as 50 degrees hotter than the surrounding air? How hot your roof is directly affects the temperature inside your home – and how much work your air conditioner has to do to keep it cool. But there are simple, inexpensive things you can do to turn your traditional roof into a “cool roof.”

4 must-do maintenance tips for MayWith the warm weather here, it won’t be long before you want to fire up the grill and hit the pool! But before summer really heats up, there are some important projects you need to tackle.

Three design trends for this springThe warmer weather means it’s time to liven up your home for spring. Here are three tips that will help spruce up your home.

Dig into pre-spring with these home gardening tipsWith spring pushing out the winter cold, it is the perfect time to get an early start on your home garden, even if it’s still a bit chilly outside. Here are some tips to get your started.

Curly vs. LongWhile CFL (curly) and LED (long) bulbs have been around for years—and both are far more energy-efficient than incandescent lighting—there are major differences in energy efficiency. So, which is most efficient? Hint: the ones we install them in Homeway Homes.

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