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Cool roof

Did you know that during the hot summer months the temperature on a traditional black roof can be as much as 50 degrees hotter than the surrounding air? How hot your roof is directly affects the temperature inside your home – and how much work your air conditioner has to do to keep it cool. But there are simple, inexpensive things you can do to turn your traditional roof into a “cool roof.”

Ten tips

1) Rock on

Ballasted roofing systems consist of membrane that is laid on the roof deck and held in place by the weight of concrete pavers or natural stones.

2) Go green (literally)!

A rooftop garden may not technically be a “cool roof” but it provides many cooling benefits.

3) Get a little misty-eyed

A roof mist cooling system lowers roof surface temperatures with small amounts of water, through evaporation.

4) Pick a tile, (almost) any tile

Traditional and “cool colored” tiles are a great, long-term solution for keeping temperatures down.

5) Make it metal

Metal roofs are naturally reflective and can be coated with reflective cooling materials.

6) Select the perfect shingle

Cool asphalt shingles contain specially coated reflective granules which better reflect light.

7) Add a coat of cool

Cool roof coatings are widely available and can improve the solar reflectance of the roof surface.

8) Build it up

Built-up roofing refers to roofs that are made of layered materials which include reflective coatings.

9) Go with a single-ply membrane

Single ply membranes contain solar reflective coatings or materials that are rolled onto the roof deck.

10) Roll out the modified bitumen

Just about any roof can be converted in to a cool roof with special coatings or surface materials.

Ten tips for cooling your roof!

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