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Building vs. BuyingIt’s the very first question homebuyers must consider: should I build or buy? You will get lots of different reasons to do either, depending on who you ask. But really your decision can come to three simple factors.

Factor 1:

Do you want to reside in an area that’s already densely populated?

Most pre-existing neighborhoods and centrally located developments have little to no room for new construction. And moving into these areas isn’t always the most cost-effective move – meaning your dollars could be much better spent on building a new home in a less-densely populated area.

Factor 2:

Do you know exactly what you are looking for in your next home?

If you can pretty much sketch out your ideal home on a napkin, then you are a strong candidate for building your home. If you know what you want, you can save lots of upfront time (and money) searching for the right floor plan (or the right existing house) and you can move quickly into the building stage.

Factor 3:

Do you need to connect to city service?

In many cases, it more cost effective (and healthy) to have your own well and septic tank. While there is minimal upkeep involved, in the long run, your own water and sewer services will save you money and eliminate the need to rely on city services.

As you can see, building your own home holds quite a few advantages over buying an existing home. Find out how we can make the process even easier – and give you even more advantages when it comes to our building process.

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