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Winter is just as good of a time for entertaining as is summer, but there are some pretty big differences between your friends hanging out on the patio and mingling inside.

Entertaining any time of year starts with refreshments. In the summer, the grill gets a good workout, but in the winter it’s more about the hors d’oeuvres you serve. Perhaps you are serving a full meal; make sure there is enough for everybody and that it stays hot. No matter the food, it is the being together that makes it special.

Note to your house: First, make sure it’s cozy, but keep in mind the more guests there are, the more body heat. If you have a fireplace, use it! Make it a focal point that those who are naturally chilly can gather around while the more warm-blooded among you can be in another part of the room.

Make your home welcoming. You can’t worry too much about the furniture; just be prepared to clean it if something gets spilled.

The best part of entertaining is to just have fun and make sure your guests do, as well!

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