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Custom Home Builders Homeway Homes Kitchen Cabinet Trends DSC 4306

As with any other item that relies on different styles for different tastes, kitchen cabinetry is subject to changing trends. And one of the biggest now is in color.

Other trends mentioned include open shelves (Better Homes and Gardens), variations rather than contrasts in textures (Forbes), clean lines and subtle designs (, and additions such as Lazy Susans ( says that gray is the new white when it comes to the color of kitchen cabinets. Soft gray works well with other colors throughout a house, so why not in the kitchen? Experts say that white is still on top when it comes to kitchen cabinet colors, but they believe gray just might be able to move into the top spot.

Whatever tickles your fancy is fine with us. Just talk it over with one of our New Home Consultants and we’ll customize the house to fit your needs.

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