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Homeway Homes Custom Home Builder Flooring Choices IMG 5215When you build from the bottom up, one of the first things you decide upon is the type of flooring you want in your new home. The basic types are, as usual, carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl or laminate. But the options that are available today in each style are far more than just a generation ago.

We will help you choose the type and style that best fits you.

Take laminate vs. hardwood, for example. Today, laminate is made to look as close to wood as possible while being more durable than ever. It is made to last 50 years or longer. And it is still far less expensive than hardwood.

There is even laminate made to look like stone or ceramic tile, if that is more like what you are looking for. That means it can be used in places where there might be more moisture, such as a bathroom, and still give you a rich look and feel.

Don’t get us wrong; hardwood remains a fine choice in flooring. It, too, is durable and will last the lifetime of the house. It may be more prone to scratches and made need to be refinished down the road, but the look is beautiful and the feel exquisite. It definitely adds value to any home.

It’s up to you, of course. But remember: The money you save installing laminate could be put toward higher quality kitchen cabinets or bathroom fixtures.

Just sayin’.

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