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Homeway Homes Home For EntertainingThe holidays are fast approaching and once again you’re probably thinking, “I wish we had more room for entertaining.”

You know, the problem might be less about the amount of space and more about the way it’s designed. That’s where we can help.

Homeway Homes has many floorplans that feature an open design, such as allowing a natural flow from kitchen to dining room to living room or great room. That flow can even continue to patio space outside for those gatherings during nice weather.

Think about it: Where does your family or your group of friends gather most when they come over? The kitchen, right? What an open design does is encourage that while enabling more people to mingle within earshot (who wants to repeat a joke over and over, right?) and to spread out for comfort.

We also will configure space for the kids to gather to play games while not being trampled by the adults, or space for the adults to watch games without being trampled by their kids.

Tell us what you want, what your lifestyle is, and let us design the perfect entertainment home for you. Click here to see the many floorplans and options Homeway Homes has to offer.

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