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Remember drive-in theaters? Watching movies outside? It was fun, and a great tradition to bring back to your own home.

One of the hottest trends in outdoor living and entertainment this year is setting up a theater in your own backyard. Find a large screen, some nice speakers, a projector and there you go, says home expert Bob Vila. You can even find the complete sets for such a project all ready to just set up and enjoy, if you don’t mind spending a few dollars to get the experience.

Another hot trend is what people are calling “foodscaping.” Sorry, but that’s just a fancy term for gardening. Whatever you want to call it, growing your own vegetables in a space set aside in your yard is in again this year.

Also hot, or cool if you prefer, is the outdoor shower. Imagine coming home from a workout and being able to step into a refreshing shower before going in the house. You can even find kits for these at many DIY stores. As refreshing and less expensive than a pool!

Because it’s easy to find nice-looking patio furniture in all-weather material, why not turn your outdoor space into another room of your house? Bob Vila says the trend is bringing the indoors out, rather than the opposite.

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