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Make sure your furry friends are safe‍With the weather cooling off, if you have a dog you’re probably going to be spending more time outside. Here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind as you and your furry friends enjoy the autumn weather.

Watch Your Dog's Diet

Sure, it's Halloween season but that doesn’t mean you should give your dog more treats than normal, let alone Halloween treats. Often, these are riddled with chocolate, onions, chicken bones and other ingredients harmful to dogs.

Avoid Yard Mushrooms

If your yard plays host to mushrooms this time of year, safely remove them or keep your dog away. Some yard mushrooms are highly toxic to humans and pets!

Watch for Rodenticides

Every fall, the mice and rats want to come inside, so homeowners often put out rat killer which can kill or severely sicken curious dogs. If you must use these, put them in places your dog cannot reach!

Clean Up Antifreeze Spills

Watch your garage and driveway for antifreeze leaks. Antifreeze smells great to dogs, but it’s also deadly toxic for them. Propylene-glycol coolants are slightly less toxic, so consider switching to those if your car can manage, but still clean up spills immediately to prevent any contact with your dog.

Don’t Slack on the Flea & Tick Meds

Fleas and ticks are still active, so don’t stop applying your dog’s flea and tick medications in the fall.

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