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Top 5 June Home Projects‍Summer is officially here in June! With more consistently sunny and warm days ahead, it’s no surprise that people are taking stock of their outdoor space and looking for projects that will set them up for a summer of backyard fun.

June Home Projects

  1. Trim Those Shrubs – If They Need It There seems to be confusion about when to prune your shrubs. Here’s a general rule of thumb: for spring flowering plants, wait until the blooms have faded and healthy new growth is visible.
  2. Add Some Color to Your Life Okay, this one is better saved for a rainy day, but add a summery pop of color to your indoor spaces with some fresh paint. Try unexpected spaces like the inside of your cabinets or a closet.
  3. Get Those Beans & Melons Going June is the perfect month to start growing beans, melons, strawberries, and more. Start now and you’ll have a basket-loads ready for picking in the fall!
  4. Get the Fire Started! Building a fire pit in the backyard might seem daunting, but it’s really quite simple. First, you need to find out if there are any local restrictions in your area. Once you design the look you want, talk to your local home center expert when choosing the stones or bricks.
  5. Build a Bench! Why buy when you can DIY? With the right tools and plans, you can get this one done in an afternoon -- seriously. Whether you work with choose solid hardwood or repurpose other materials, a sturdy new bench can be a great focal point in your backyard.
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