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Pumpkin PieMorton, IL is the pumpkin capital of the world, but did you know when you buy those cans of “100% Pumpkin” filling, you’re not getting cans filled with those orange pumpkins we carve every year? Here’s what you’re really getting.

There have long been rumors that the canned pumpkins you get in the store are from a type of squash and, hence, not 100% pumpkin. However, botanically and legally speaking, there is no difference between pumpkins and squash. They’re from the same family.

So, are you eating squash? Well, the answer is no. What you are eating is a special variety of pumpkin created by Libby’s that’s called a Dickinson pumpkin. These pumpkins aren’t big, round, and orange – they’re small, oblong and tan. While they might look like ugly pumpkins, they’re less stringy and have a richer flavor which makes them ideal for baking and cooking. So, don’t stress over the pumpkin in your pie (or spiced latte) and just enjoy everyone’s favorite fall flavor!

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