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Easy Home Décor IdeasFall is a perfect time to freshen up your home with new colors (see above!) and some simple home DIY decorating tips that will appeal to just about everyone.

  1. Mirror, mirror on many walls: Mirrors make a space feel brighter and bigger so one simple idea is to hang mirrors on walls perpendicular to windows but not next to them.
  2. Make sure your art is scaled to your wall: There are few things more ridiculous looking than a tiny painting hung too high on a wall or a massive painting filling up a tiny space. The middle of any picture should be at eye level.
  3. Layers of lights: Did you know design experts say every room should have three type of lighting? They are ambient lighting (overhead light fixtures), accent lighting (decorative light fixtures) and task lighting (lamps and kitchen lights). Make sure your rooms do too.
  4. Tricks to raise the ceiling: You can do little visual tricks to make a low ceiling appear not-so low. For one, paint the ceiling white. Also, hang curtain higher than the windows. And try vertical prints and stripes on your curtains, which visually elongate the wall.
  5. Make your front door the star: If you want your house to make a great first impression, paint the front door a fun, glossy hue.
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