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Fall Color TrendsFall is a fun and festive time of year with it’s own colors and styles. The short, three-month period is a great time to transition from the summer days of cutoffs to the winter nights of flannel. Here are seven versatile color trends for your wardrobe and home.

Fall Color Trends

  1. Magenta: Bright pops will help bring a much-needed sense of fun to anyone’s fall wardrobe
  2. Bright Orange: Burnt orange screams fall, but this year the color is taking on a brighter form
  3. Fiery Red: Primary colors have become a favorite of designers to create a vibrant appearance
  4. Yellow: Many tones of yellow – from butter-like to sorbet-like – are in play this fall providing a rich tone and hue
  5. Electric Blue: A popular color and arguably one of the easiest colors for anyone to pull off
  6. Black: Is black ever out of style? Perfect a variety of body shapes, it’s perfect for any size
  7. Grey: Normally associated with male fashion, grey is a popular look for fall women’s fashion
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