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Study RemotelyRemote learning is the new norm in 2020. But that doesn’t mean it can't be a rich, engaging learning experience. In fact, remote learning offers some surprising benefits. Here are some suggestions to help you create a more effective remote learning environment.

It’s been proven that bite-sized bits of new information work best. During a learning session, there needs to be a limit on the amount of new information students take in – for example, research shows that engagement drops significantly for educational videos that last longer than 9-12 minutes.

Commit to a schedule and stick to it. This goes a long way towards effective learning as it gives a sense of purpose to every day (when it could be easier to treat it as a staycation). Also, manage your environment as well as your studies. Turn off the TV. Put the phone on airplane mode. And, most importantly, find a space that’s comfortable and allows you to focus with minimal distractions.

In the end, what’s most important is that you take care of yourself in this new era of remote learning. Maintain a good sleep schedule, eat properly and relax!

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