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Prepping Your Lawn for FallMake lawncare in spring easier by being proactive right now. Fall is the perfect time to ensure a lusher, greener, healthier lawn. It’s the time for aerating, fertilizing, and mowing shorter than usual. Find out what else you should do to prepare your grass for spring.

If you have heavy, clay-rich soil, it’s really important to aerate. The aerator extracts plugs from your lawn and topsoil to loosen compacted coil and break up thatch. Even though your lawn will look like a mess, don’t worry because the plugs will dissolve in a few days. The time to aerate in colder climates is after dew begins forming in August.

Late summer and early fall is the best time to reseed dead areas. Water the new seed a couple of times a day but use starter fertilizers instead of normal fertilizers. Don’t overdo it or the grass won’t thrive due to overcrowding.

Even though your grass appears brown and dormant, the roots are still hard at work absorbing nutrients and moisture. Your grass is storing up reserves to make it through the winter and thrive in the spring. So fertilizing is very important in the fall.

Just this one time of the year, set your mower extremely low and mow your grass short. It will lessen the chance of snow mold forming and tall grass blades won’t lie down and smother the new grass next spring.

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