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Declutter Your HomeSure, you’ve thought about decluttering your home, but where do you begin? What’s important is that you just get started somewhere, so here are some tips that will make it easier when you’re ready to go down the decluttering path.

The first step is figuring out what you want to achieve with a room. Do you want “freedom” or “space”? Or “peace” or “simplicity”? Once you have an idea of what your goal is then you are better able to identify what needs to go and what needs to stay.

With that in mind, go into any room of your home and pick out ten random objects to focus on. As you consider each of them, ask yourself:

  1. Do I truly need it?
  2. Do I truly adore it?
  3. Would I trade freedom/space/peace/simplicity for this?

The answers can help curb your pack-rat impulses, allowing you to clear out and move on. Next, try this 10-minute decluttering exercise:

  1. Get two trash bags.
  2. In the first bag, put trash.
  3. In the second bag, put objects that will be going to a charity or a yard sale, like books you have read or clothing that no longer fits you.
  4. Stop only when both bags are full.

If you do this simple 10-minute routine every day for a week, you will notice a difference. Do it every day for two weeks and the effects will be dramatic. Do it every day for a month then you will really be living clutter free.

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