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Clean HomeWhile our home is a safe haven where we can relax, unfortunately it’s also home to germs that show up through dirty hands, shoes, clothing and phones. Here is a quick guide with tips on keeping your home bacteria free.

Cleaning the Kitchen

Every light fixture, cabinet, and appliance in your kitchen has some type of handle or control panel you touch each time it is used. If any surface is touched after raw food is prepared or before hands are washed, bacteria like salmonella, listeria, E. coli, mold, and yeast can be present. All of these surfaces should be cleaned multiple times daily, especially after food preparation, with a disinfectant solution.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Hard surfaces in the bathroom should be disinfected twice a day because this is the room exposed to the most bodily fluids. If you are using a disinfectant wipe or a spray disinfecting cleaner, you must follow directions carefully, use enough of the cleaner to leave the surface wet for several minutes, and allow the cleaner to air-dry on the surface.

Cleaning Electronics and Phones

Phones, remotes, laptops, and keyboards hold onto bacteria they encounter — and we all know they encounter a lot. You can use an alcohol wipe that's 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean iPhone screens. Certain phones may have different coatings to prevent smudges and scratches that may be harmed by alcohol, so always read the manual before cleaning your phone.

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