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Homeway Homes Inside Construction FacilityHomeway Homes is not like the typical home builder that depends on good weather to get the job done. That’s because we build your home indoors, in our Construction Facility in Deer Creek, Illinois.

That’s right! We build each home in a step-by-step process, from the floor boards to the roofing shingles and everything in between. We use only top quality materials, the most energy-efficient, Energy Strength Spray Foam Insulation you can find and have the best builders around doing the job – no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Doing it our way can save months of construction time compared with site-built homes. Consider this summer, for example. All the rain we had in April and May delayed a lot of builders from even getting started, whereas those who bought from us were ready to move in their custom home before summer.

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