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4Do you ever dread walking to the mailbox when you know the utility bill is due to arrive any day? You're not alone; it seems the cost of electricity and natural gas grows faster than our income every year. Well, we at Homeway Homes can help rid you of that monthly dread. Our houses are among the most energy-efficient you will find anywhere in the country. And that isn't just a lot of hot air.
We are ranked a No. 1 builder in ActOnEnergy for Ameren Corp. Our energy saving averages 30 percent lower than most homes and you get improved air quality and comfort.
How do we do it? We created our own insulation system, called Energy-Strength Spray Foam Insulation. It is an environmentally friendly foam that is significantly better than regular fiberglass insulation in that it fills all those spaces that keep the outside elements outside where they belong.
That's not all. Our Energy-Strength Spray Foam Insulation hardens immediately and is so strong a man can stand on it without fear of falling through. That adds structural strength to all of our houses, as well.

Take a tour of our Construction Facility in Deer Creek and see for yourself how the Energy-Strength Spray Foam Insulation system works. Free guided tours are available every Saturday at 1 p.m. Or take a virtual tour by visiting

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