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When disaster strikes and you lose your home, you need somebody in your corner to help you through what may be the toughest time of your life. We can be there for you.

Through our Life Recovery Program, developed in conjunction with insurance companies, we will work with your insurance agent to ease your burden and give you hope that you can rebuild your life. The program speeds the process of buying and building a new Homeway Home so you can move on.

If you lost your home and decide to rebuild, contact us. We will work with you to design your own home using our Lifestyle Living floorplans. You then choose your home designs, such as cabinets, flooring and exterior features. You also choose where your new Homeway Home will sit on your property.

After that, we do everything else involving complete in-house design services, including getting necessary permits, site preparation (once we have removed the existing home), coordinating the contracts and inspections and working with your insurance agent on the financial issues.

We handle the paperwork. We oversee the complete site preparation including demolition. Our highly skilled project managers oversee all production phases. And we make your home a priority by doing everything in our power to expedite house construction to complete your home as soon as possible.

*Homeway Homes will offer a 2% discount to clients who qualify for the Life Recovery Program by being evacuated from their home because of a total loss.

The Life Recovery Program wasn’t developed because we believed it was good business, but because we believe it was our responsibility to you and to the communities where you and we live. We believe that when you are the victim of disaster, you already have been through enough. Let us help you get moving in the right direction through the Homeway Homes Life Recovery Program.


Customer Testimonials

"We lost everything in a house fire this past October 15, 2021. We had no answers what was next because of the shock. My husband, Tom called Homeway Homes, because we aren't able to rebuild ourselves. He talked with Jason Berger, Home Consultant and that is where our new beginning started. Jason was very supportive and worked at a fast pace with our insurance adjuster and us to get everything in order to get our house ready to be built by Homeway Homes. The houses are everything a family wants. Jason was right there with us drawing our house plans to work on our original foundation. He got outside estimates for everything and the Model Home Center and Gallery has everything organized to help home buyers make their choices and decisions. Jason made our journey so much easier. We were also fortunate to have several Homeway employees answer questions and greet us with their utmost sincerity. Jason Berger We give you FIVE STARS!"

-Tom & Barb


"I lost everything in the Dec 1, 2018 tornado that hit Taylorville house my barn, garage, and car. I was seriously injured with 12 broken bones and a Traumatic Brain Injury. Not having a home anymore greatly added to the devastating losses I had to face. This takes me to Homeway Homes. After driving to their Model Home Center and talking with Tom, I knew I wanted to place my trust in them. They did not disappoint me. They were professional, accommodating, and patient with my impatience. I now have a beautiful, very well made home. I will always be grateful to Homeway Homes for all they did for me. I highly recommend them!"



"I would recommend Homeway Homes to anyone thinking of building their dream home. My parents home burnt down in April. We decided to check Homeway homes out and very grateful that we did. They were wonderful with getting us everything we wanted for a very good price. We gave the our budget and we got what we wanted. We were welcomed with open arms. A very big thank you to our team. They worked with us dealing with insurance and not one time gassed us about payments. I would recommend Homeway Homes over all others. Thank you from the Heath and Lancaster’s."

-Mandy Lancaster


"We lost our home of 20+ years to a tornado in November 2013. We started working to get back in our home in December of 2013. My parents built every house they ever lived a result I never wanted to build. The hassle and heartbreak was my memory. But in this case... it was so stress free! We were back in our home in June of 2014 and it is beautiful! Can never thank Bruce and Bob Schieler enough for making it so stress free considering the circumstances. If we need to build again, we will certainly use Homeway Homes and would recommend them to anyone wanting to build a new home."

-Marianne Riopell


"We went with Homeway after we lost our house to a fire. My Wife and I loved being able to take part in designing our new home !!! The Homeway Home-Center is truly a one stop shop, where we were able to select from a wide variety of home accessories from roofing to carpeting and everything in between."

"The staff at the home center were great to work with and happy to answer any questions we had. Bob Schieler was our Project Manager and did a great job!!! We have had the house for 4 years now and still love everything about it!!!"

-Brian Harrmann


"I was back in my new home in 5 months after my house fire due to lightning."

-Donna Biggar


"My home was built by Homeway Homes after a tornado destroyed ours in August 2009. Homeway worked their magic and had us in our new home by Christmas which was very much appreciated."

-Jenne Williams


"My home, built by your folks in the summer of 2008, recently survived an F-1 tornado with only a little superficial damage. A little soffit work, loosened the vent-a-ridge, and a few holes in the siding was the only damaged sustained. I'm very happy with the solid construction of my house."

-Carl Schilli


"Jody and I are so happy with everything about this house.  We tell everyone that stops to ask about it that this has been the easiest house to heat and cool and how much respect we had for all the managers and workers that help us get back on our feet after our house fire."

-Dick Tejano


"We lost our home in a fire on January 31, 2018. By Father’s Day we were in the house. Very good to work with."

-John & Lori Nelson


"We had a total loss house fire two years ago. We chose to rebuild our home and chose Homeway Homes to do the job. We took advantage of their disaster relief program where you receive a discount if you are rebuilding after a disaster such as a fire or tornado. I cannot recommend them enough to anyone trying to recover from such a disaster. I have never built a home prior to this, but have always heard how stressful it can be. When trying to recover from a disaster you have enough stress to deal with. So I was pleasantly surprised that building with Homeway was absolutely stress free!!! Not only that, but we got a discount to boot! I love that we never had to worry about going over budget. We picked everything out and knew what our costs would be when we signed the contract. They would not change unless we changed our mind. It certainly put our minds at ease to know we wouldn't be going over budget. Also, they promised us a time frame that our home would be completed. They absolutely made good on their promises which was very important to our family. All of this would be nothing if we were not thrilled with the end result. I can honestly say that I love my home. It is beautiful and energy efficient. We have been in our home for a year and a half and have had no problems. The workmanship is top notch. We were pleased every step of the way with Homeway and with every employee we dealt with during the process. I cannot recommend them enough to anyone disaster or not. However, if you have a disaster and need to rebuild your home, you would be foolish to not look into having Homeway Homes be your builders!!"

-Bryan & Jen Medlin


"We are very very pleased with our new Homeway Home! We would absolutely recommend Homeway Homes to family and friends."

-Henry & Linda


"Love our home! Loved working with Bruce!"

-Ray & Deanna












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