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Are your homes built to current building codes?

Yes. Our homes meet or exceed National, State, and Local building codes just like traditional site built homes.

Do your homes come with a radon ventilation system?


What is a modular home?

A modular home is one that is built indoors in a construction facility in sections called modules. The finished modules are covered and transported to the job site, where they are place on a permanent foundation and assembled by a builder. A modular home is not a mobile home; it is simply a home that is built off-site, as opposed to on-site.

How many homes have you built?

Our family has built over 1,300 custom modular homes.

What’s the advantage of modular homes versus site built homes?

Modular homes are built indoors so they are not exposed to the weather. They are built with superior quality because of better materials, jigs, and processes thus significantly reducing mistakes and errors. They are also built in half the time as on site built homes so you can be in your home a lot sooner.

What is included in your typical home?

Our homes include the foundation, basement, house, 2 car attached garage, furnace, air conditioner, water heater, driveway, sidewalk and much more.

Are you a turnkey builder?

Yes. We offer a free service called Complete Project Management. This means we do everything from start to finish. We design the home, we build and manage the whole construction process in our Construction Facility and on-site, and we complete it to the point where we hand you the keys to your new home so you can move in.

How big or small of a home can you build?

We can build a home about as small or big as you want it. Typically the smallest we go is 950 sqft but can build 3,000 sqft and up.

Do you have a warranty with your homes?

Yes. We have a 1 year warranty and a Customer Service Department to help you in time of need.

Can I go to any Model Home Center of my choice?

Yes. You are welcome to go to any Model Home Center and work with any New Home Consultant of your choice. No need for an appointment to visit a Model Home Center.

Can your homes be put on basements?

Yes. Most of our homes are built over basements but we can also build over crawlspaces as well.

How long does it take from setting the home on the foundation till completion?

Approximately 6 weeks plus/minus.

Can I have a 3 car attached garage?

Yes. We build 2 and 3 car attached garages all the time. We can build more if you desire to. We can also build detached garages.

Can I have as many bedrooms or bathrooms in my house as I want?

Yes. Since we are a custom builder we can design your home to fit your needs.

Can you finish my garage or basement?

Yes. We can finish the basement to where there are bedrooms, bathrooms, storage rooms, and great rooms down there. We can also finish the garages with insulation and painted drywall or OSB.

Do you build sun rooms, 3 and 4 season rooms?

Yes. We can build an enclosed room with lots of windows or even a screened in patio.

Do you build decks, patios, and porches?

Yes. We build treated or composite decks, concrete patios and porches.

Do you offer demolition services?

Yes. We can demo an old home and build the new home in that same spot or where ever you desire.

Do you take care of wells and septic systems?

Yes. We take care of installing wells and septic systems and even hooking up to existing systems.

How detailed do you get in completing a home?

When a home is complete the electricity is on, water is on, sewer is hooked up, furnace and air conditioning is on, light bulbs screwed in, cabinet doors and drawer are adjusted, and the detailed list goes on and on.

Can you customize your floor plans?

Yes. Our floor plans offer a starting point on the road to designing a home around your life. 

Can I bring in my own plan for you to build?

Yes, if you find a plan that you like that’s not from our selection we are happy to work with that plan.

Is there anything on allowances?

Septic systems and wells are typically on allowances but everything else is figured in the price of the home so there is no cost over runs.

Can you build during the winter?

Yes. We build 12 months of the year and since 95% of the home is completed indoors, the winter has little effect on construction compared to site built homes.

How far do you go to build a home?

We have a build territory where we build and complete homes in. To see our territory click here.

How long have you been in business?

Our family has been building quality custom homes for over 50 years and have a lot of experience in this industry.

What styles of homes can you build?

We can build about any style you can think of though typically we build single story ranch homes, 2 story, and Cape Cod homes.

Do I have to find contractors to do the site work?

No. We take care of all the work to be done on site such as digging the basement, to foundation, to building the garage, and finishing all the work on the house itself.

Do you install fireplaces, on demand water heaters and other specialty items?

Yes. There are many options and amenities that customers love and we offer these products.

Can you do walk out basements and storm shelters?


Can you do cathedral ceilings?


Can you build log homes?


Do you install all the wiring and plumbing in the home?

Our homes are wired and plumbed and meet or exceed current building codes.

What size of electrical panel do you use?

We use a 200 amp electrical panel box and 12 gauge wires.

Do I have obtain the building permits and all?

No. Once the contract is signed we take care of getting all the permits and dealing with the paper work so you don’t have to.

Can I build in anywhere like in a subdivision or in town?

Yes. Our homes are built to the same code as a traditional built home so building in town should be no problem.

Do you provide financing?

We have a variety of bankers and lenders that are committed to helping you with your financial needs. However, we would love to work with your own bank or lending institution as well.

Can your homes be designed ADA accessible?

Yes. We can design a home where there is no step from the garage floor or porch floor into your home. We also offer ADA exterior door low thresholds, as well as 3 ft wide exterior and interior doors, grab bars in bathrooms, railing, and more.

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