Spacious Kitchen

Quality appliances are only as good as they are placed within the kitchen floorplan. Homeway Homes makes certain that the flow of a kitchen is correct for making meals a breeze, as well as being spacious enough to allow for more than one cook. The Parkland’s spacious kitchen also comes in handy when entertaining, and gives everyone the elbow room they need to feel comfortable.

Fluid & Seamless

Openness in a home is a key to designing a fluid layout for your lifestyle, and the Parkland, like all our plans, delivers masterfully as the kitchen, dining room, and living room all blend seamlessly.

Find Your Style

With nicely-spaced bedroom layouts, the Parkland lives well for every member of your family, no matter their style.

Your Majesty's Chambers

Spacious ceilings and large bedrooms make even the youngest of family members or guests feel like a king in your Homeway castle.

Room for More

Traditional bath layouts are enhanced by maximizing storage space with a linen closet that works well in conjunction with under-counter storage. The large mirror and ample space make it easy for multiple people to ready themselves for their day.

Masterful Master Suite

A master suite should feel, well, masterful. And with the space and flow of the Parkland’s master suite, with its roomy master bedroom and separate master bath, this home doesn’t fail to deliver.

Pamper Yourself

Dual linen closets, abundant lighting, counter and mirror space as well as under-counter storage, make the Parkland’s master bath a roomy space to get ready for, or retreat from, your day.