The Allure of Light

There is a richness to the atmosphere of the Danbury. It brings you in with it's inviting space and warm, open layout. The true hallmark of a Homeway Home is it's expansive layout, and the Danbury doesn't dissapoint.

Fine Detail

With it's open plan, and it's traditional structural feel, the Danbury is easy to customize in many ways. The entryway for example, while more modern in design, still has classic cues such as the crown moulding seen here.

For Business, or Pleasure

While each room maintains a distinct spacial arrangement, we took great care in devising a system that takes advantage of the open, high ceilings, and at the same time offers very intimate decoration possibilities.

Ya Gotta Eat

And what better place to eat than in a dining room that offers a lot of light for breakfast, and a serene view in the evening at dinner time.

A Kitchen You Can Work In

If you're like us, you are tired of seeing kitchens where it is difficult to find room to boil water, much less to cook with the whole family. And when it comes time to design a Homeway Homes kitchen, we like to design a kitchen where the whole family can take part in preparing a meal.

Open and ... Cozy?

The second bathroom boasts the same openness and light, due to expansive cabinetry, well placed vent windows, and our ceiling height. When you have children who are getting ready for school, we have found that the extra space can come in very handy.

Your Escape

The Danbury, while one of our smaller home plans does not lack for size and quality of design. It is designed to be your own personal castle, your getaway at times.

Your Spa Awaits

With the quality of quartz countertops, well-built and designed cabinetry, and fixtures that offer beauty as well as functionality, the master bath of the Danbury is truly one of ways you can put yourself in the lap of luxury.