Open, Airy, and Light!

The expansive stairwell of the Carolina is enhanced and lit naturally from the beautiful open dormer right above the entry. We cannot possibly count the times we have heard someone say, "WOW" as soon as they walk in the front door of this lovely home.

Coastal Design

The styling of the Carolina lends itself to very classic decor, yet at the same time allows for modern touches. When we personalize your Homeway Home for you, our professional staff can easily help you choose carpet, wall coverings, and trim accents to bring your dream home to reality.

Space that Goes on for Miles

While the Carolina is very traditional in its layout, it is also very contemporary in it's openness. The amount of space we have been able to open in this home's basic design is a great jumping off point for our customers to start personalizing their home. And it is shown off nicely here as you look from the kitchen into the family room.

Formal Beauty

If you are looking for a stately, classic formal dining room, the Cape Cod style Carolina more than fits the bill. With tall ceilings, and classic chair rail mouldings, you would swear you were in a turn-of-the-century manor home.

Welcome to the Parlor

In days long gone, most of the company was entertained in the parlor, and one of the things we thoroughly enjoy about the Carolina is the return of that tradition. While it's modern custom to refer to this type of living space as the "living room," we won't hold it against you if you, like us, call it your "parlor."

Room for Everyone

With the upstairs bedrooms, the Carolina boasts a lot of living space on the main level. But with three bedrooms, a loft and a study upstairs, the second floor is truly an example of flow and design.

Cooking Up Something Good

The Carolina's traditional roots really complement just about every aspect of home design, including the kitchen. With our roomy countertops, making a huge holdiay feast is an easy task, and the wraparound countertop culminates in a breakfast bar as well.

Endless Storage

With tall ceilings comes added space, and we put it to excellent use in the Carolina with cabinet storage that is nearly endless.

Truly a Sweet Master Suite

The master suite starts with the bedroom. And with the Brockton's huge windows, refreshing natural light is there when you want it, space is in abundance and luxury surrounds you.

Pamper Yourself

Pampering yourself is what the Brockton's master bath is all about. Imagine settling into the deep romanesque garden tub, with the block glass cascading soft light on you as you just let your whole day melt away. There's simply nothing better!