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"Make sure you like working with people who appreciate you."

Find out what makes Homeway Homes a great place to work from the workers who call Homeway their home.

“It’s the best place I’ve worked. The environment is great, the people are great and it just makes life so much easier when you can enjoy going to work.”

-Anthony, Section Leader

“I had zero experience in carpentry. They care about character here at Homeway… they’re willing to train you in whatever it is you are doing here.”

-Jake, Floor Build Station Leader

“I actually like the camaraderie that we have with each other. If I need something I can ask anybody in here and they’ll be more than happy to give me a hand.”

-Britton, Roof Builder/Carpenter

"Great place to work and to get a quality home. Product is the best quality in the area."

- Tracy DeVries


"A great company to work for offering an unparalleled learning and working environment"

- Kevin Sheetz


"I am an employee and customer of Homeway Homes. We purchased our house 7 years ago and everything has held up great! Through the years we have been treated great from both the employee and the customer side."

- Mikel Steffen


"I work here and it's a really great place, great people. If you come here with questions they will get answered."

- John Lutz


"Great place to work!"

- Joshua Mathews


"As an employee for Homeway, I get an inside look at how these homes are constructed. I am very impressed by the quality of the material going into these homes. The care and attention to detail that is given is astounding. The entire Homeway team works so well together that the end product is nearly flawless. Sometimes you need to see it to believe it and they have made a believer out of me. I highly recommend taking their free tour they have on Saturdays if you are looking to build your home. This place is a game changer and when I start looking to build a home, Homeway is the kind of place I want to build with."

- Jacob Vescovi

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