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1. Production in our Construction Facility

When you work in our indoor construction facility you’ll be a part of a team of hardworking and dedicated builders who take great pride in the work they do day in and day out. If you enjoy the building process and like working in a positive, team environment, then working on our Production team might be right for you.

2. Field Construction

Home placement is a key part making your house a home. That’s why we also have a dedicated team that installs our homes and completes the home building project. If you like working with your hands and the satisfaction of a job done right, then look into joining our Field Construction team.

3. Quality Control

Quality is what separates Homeway Homes from other builders – not only in the way we build but also in the processes we use. We are looking for motivated, detail-focused individuals to help manage our internal processes as well as ensure the quality and value of the homes we build. 

4. Logistics

Because of the way we build and the processes we use, our logistics team is critical to our overall success. They make sure everything runs on schedule as well as ensure products are where they need to be, when they need to be there. If you have a talent for process improvement and an attention to detail, then check out some of our job openings.

5. Customer Services

From sales and support to project design and management, our Customer Services team helps make the process of building a home simple and worry-free for our clients. If you have an interest in the home building process, like working with people and enjoy providing great customer experiences, then our Customer Services team might be right for you.

6. Administration and Plant Support

To keep our production facility running smoothly, we need to make sure every aspect of our operations is running smoothly. That’s where our Administration & Plant Support team comes in. This includes everything from managing the front desk and interacting with customers to managing our computer systems and corporate finances. If you like working with people and making sure things run smoothly, then you might be a perfect fit for our Administration & Plant Support team.

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