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Our family has been building quality custom homes for over 50 years. Homeway listens to you about how your family lives and then we customize your home to your family’s lifestyle. Managing your home building project from beginning to end is just one way we make your building process simple and convenient. That means less stress for you. Come find out today how we can make your dream home a reality. Click here to see our build territory.

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We are a custom home builder. At Homeway Homes, we will design a new home that fits your life by finding out what is important to you, your family and your lifestyle. Our home floorplans are a great starting point to design your dream home and these customizations are free of charge.

Make it your own, with Homeway Homes.

At Homeway Homes, we will build a custom home around your lifestyle. Our home floorplans can be customized to meet your families needs. We manage your house construction from beginning to end. Find out how we build an energy efficient home that meets or exceeds local building codes, and how your home is not affected by weather.

Tour Our Construction Facility

Tours Every Saturday at 1PM
100 Homeway Court, Deer Creek, Illinois

Tour our construction facility
No need to preregister - just show up!
Tours take about an hour.

Buses and group tours available by appointment!

What our customers say

Paul & Vicki

"We recently moved into our custom designed Homeway Home, and cannot say enough good about the quality and the customer service from Homeway. Quality materials, upfront and fair pricing, no surprises,and customer service that goes above and beyond. Being in the car business, I know how important customer service is, and Homeway Homes does an excellent job. We love our new house! Thanks to all!"

Kerry & Alice

"From start to finish, we were pleased with the quality and care given to making a Homeway Home. The tour of the Construction Facility sealed the deal!"

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